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Sunday, June 26, 2011



Benn a bit worried about you! Hope all is well.


Welcome Back!! I don't want to be left behind!

Lisa in WI

Glad your back!


Hope all's well with you! I'd like to see your new internet space. :-)

Jill B

So glad you are back. You have been an inspiration to me!


YAY you're back :) Maybe one of these days I should get back to my blog too huh :)?

I would love it if you'd want to share your new home with me... you can send me an e-mail or a private message on FB!


Been wondering how things are! I would love keep in touch.


Good to hear, that you are well. I would also love to keep in touch!



Congrats on starting up again! Good luck and can't wait to see how your new blog is !


Yay! I'm glad you are back! I would love to read your new blog!

Hanna Neuloo

I'm glad you are back, I have been wondering how things are. I'd like to follow your new blog.


If you haven't been posting, then you must be having a good time somewhere else.

Terry Morris

So good to hear from you! I want to keep in touch.


I can't wait to see what my favorite knitting teacher has been up to, please send me your new address.


I'd love to follow your new blog!


I'm glad to know you are okay. I have been worried about you.


Good to see you recently. Hope you all are doing well.


I'd like to follow your new blog, hope you are well


wow!! so good to see you back. Have kept checking periodically and almost fell over when I saw the new post. Would love to connect with your new blog!!


Haven't checked back for a while and I'm delighted to see you've broken radio silence! Hope all is well with you and yours.


I'm late to this new blogwarming party as well, but you were always such a prolific sock knitter and I really enjoyed seeing what you were working on. I think I have beenb reading sine...yipes..Secret Pal 9? Pre Ravelry?
Good to see you pop up and hope you are doing fantastic!
I think I am going to try your DIY sock club thing in 2012...

Zeph Kane

Glad to see you're back! Would love to read your latest adventures :)


Missed you, would like directions to your new home.


I have missed reading your blog. Glad to see you are back:) Would love to follow your new blog. You were the best knitting teacher ever!

Jill Brasser

This is Jill B again. My computer crashed and with it all my memory. Please send your new home it went with the computer. Love reading of your determination!

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