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Monday, April 19, 2010



Those glass door knobs started out clear -- there's something in the glass (I forget exactly what) that turns purple over time with exposure to sun!


Thanks Vicki...a little research revealed the following...
"The purple color you are describing is a result of the manganese dioxide added to the glass. It turns purple after exposure to UV rays (sunlight). The additive was used to counteract the greenish color of natural glass, and it was used until about WWI."


I have antique glass doorknobs throughout the house (built before 1898) which have not turned purple though aren't as bright as they were decades ago, so they may be turning!!!
Sounds like a fabulous Spring for you!

Cosmic Sis

Love those glass door knobs! I have a couple of those (clear) and a ceramic one I saved from my Granny's house!
....and I can't wait to hear what the other "surprise" is---I can only imagine!


Delighted to hear of all your surprises. Looks like life is definitely moving on for you - as mine has. Your house looks lovely and yes, finding out you are desirable after you have been left is great. I have also met 'someone' and life is good. I am so pleased that yours is too.



We recently installed a faucet set up in the kitchen where the main tap has the hose/sprayer built all as one collapsing unit. Maybe??

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