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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Fuji Mama

I'm about to kick the universe's butt.

3rd Daughter

I think a well deserved trip to the local yarn store is in order. As if you really need an excuse to stop! (But this one is pretty justified.)

Robin in VA

Hey...I've BEEN telling the Universe to leave you the 'H' alone, not listening to me either. I'm tryin' I tell - I'm tryin'!! So sorry...

I agree with 3rd Daughter...go find a LYS!


Nonono, don't give up!!! This is a bummer for me as well. I'm having all my knitting friends visiting me saturday, they were supposed to help keep me awake and also celebrate a couple of birthdays. So my plans are changed from being awake and having great company - to being at work looking forward to knitting tired all alone drinking coffee and listening to hubbys snores from the stressless...

So please - keep me company even if you are on a different continent :-)

Find yarn, find needles, knit!!!


Yes, this is definitely a trick. And amazingly unfair. Everyone knew the date, why mess with it?

Hie thee to a Local Yarne Shoppe and shop!


Never give up, and never give in, get up and find an lys and get to it!


You are the Number One sock knitter in my world.


I am sad on your behalf that the folks in charge of the competition have played with your head. With you as an example, I expect better of people with sticks.

You will excell at everything that is important.


Damn. I am so sorry. I know that a sock war may not seem a big thing to some people, but when it comes on top of two months of misery it's just unfair. And why would they arbitrarily change something as vital as the frickin' deadline at the last moment?!
By now it's all over but I hope you managed to find some supplies and keep your position in the game. Let us know how it goes, please.


You are a strong person. I know that to the core of my being. You are allowed to have temper tantrums, scream when you are frustrated, throw soft items across the room and cry anytime you feel the urge. This is what strong people do when rotten things happen to them. You are processing all that is going on around you. You vent, take a minute or two and then keep going. Just remember, even though no one can control all that is going on around them, they can control their reactions and what they say.
Get your needles and yarn and take some time for you. You are worth it.

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