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Thursday, October 11, 2007



my favorite contests are those that revolve around helping others, whether it be to raise awareness for a certain disease or condition or to help find a cure. It's just an added bonus if there is a chance to win a knitting related goody for every set amount donated to the cause.


My favorite kind of contest is where you pop in to say hello, and the winner is chosen randomly. I feel like its more fair, somehow. I rarely have an answer when the contest is based on answering a specific question, like what song am I describing, or how many socks are in the basket, or how do I fix this knitting problem.


My favourite contest is one that has never happened- one that I win something :-(
But in the real world,:-) I think the best one is to ask your readers to guess something weird about you and the person who guesses or comes closest wins.
Oh and I pronounce it skeen....only got an mp3 recently (yes I know, last person on the planet) and realised after downloading some podcasts that people in the States pronounce it skayne...even though I have some American friends who knit...


Hm, my favourite kind of contest is random but also requires the winner to do something nice.


"Skayne" is how I pronounce it! Other than the contest I would actually win, I think the random ones are probably the most fair.


Yay for your posts and thanks for plugging my contest! My fave contests are the ones that you do something - but not something too onerous ;o)


Favorite contest.. I think the best are so that lady Fortuna has the main role. Everyone deserves to feel lucky sometimes.


Robin in VA

You know how I say "Skayne" I'm from Virginia!
Contest...I just like contests, especially when the prize is YARN/FIBER! Thanks for all the links and I'll be posting to tell others so I can get a double entry here!


I pronounce "skein" more like "skane," but I think I'm actually somewhere in between the options.

My favourite kind of contest is the kind like this one where the winner is randomly drawn, but you have to answer a question to enter. I've seen some good questions that mean that even if you don't win you get to read a bunch of funny or interesting stories.

Shaun the Sheep

Hostie and I both agree that we just like contests in general. Hostie says she especially loves any contest that involves winning fiber or chocolate, and loves a contest even more if it involves winning both. My idea of a dream contest would be winning a chance to meet one of my favorite sheep, Delores.

P.S. I put a link on my blog--hopefully all of my loyal fans will come and visit your contest. :-)


Here its pronounced like ski'in ...

I love a contest where everyone has fun and winning is only a small part.


I like random draws, like raffles - I won some yarn on the BritKnitCast podcast like that, just for Skyping Carrie Anne a comment. How cool was that?


Linking you up today in my Sunday Bloglines!

And for the record, I'm quite sure that the "skayne" way of saying it isn't an American thing in general, though I've heard it said. I always consider that the 'oddball' way to say it LOL. I'm definitely a "Skeen" girl!

And I love any contest - the random ones are nice as everyone has an equal shot, but it's also fun when there's a 'guess how many' or something involved!


I'm with Anne; any contest is a good contest. Either way, I think they allow us to meet new people, which is always fun.


I would have to agree that any contest that involves the potential winning of MILKA chocolate is a fine contest in my book. I thought the S&B girls' one skein (skayne, here) contest was a good one--but it involved the taking of the pictures and the uploading to the flickr group and . . . well, I never got around to it.


My favorite kind of contest is one that involves potentially winning bags! I love bags but am always budgeting myself buying them, so I love it when I can win them.


My favorite kind of contests are the "knit this and post a photo" and the winner is drawn at random (when its a small, quick pattern I wnjoy those).

I love seeing the same pattern knit by so many different individuals and the yarns they choose or the small alterations they make to make it unique.

I've posted a link to this on my blog: http://angcraftcorner.blogspot.com

Rusty M.

I think my favorite type of contest is just a random comment and draw...much fairer that way. Thanks.


I say skein (skane) like pain. Of course I'm from Boston and we are known for a bit of an accent;)
All contests are great but my favorite contest is stealth, totally unannounced and the winner just picked based on a comment number. I did this for the 1000th comment on my blog and really felt as though I was rewarding someone who actually reads regularly.


I think random winners is the best kind of contest. You know one where you pull a name from a hat .


My favourite contest? The ones where you win knitting wool - are there any other contests?
I'll drop a link to your contest on my blog. (",)


My fav is the kind where a name is chosen at random. We all get the same chance! And of course the best is the one you win!! ;)


For me I like contests where I actually have to do somethine - I hate just random drawings. Comes from being a complete control freak - hate things that are out of my control. Love trivia quizzes (we're in a pub quiz team), baking contests, submissions of work etc...that way I know if I try hard enough I can win!

Oh and in my part of Southern England we would say "skayne" with a long "a" sound but my grandma, from Newcastle would have said "skeen"!


What a wonderful idea! And such a nice prize! Wish I had found it sooner so I could link it!


My favorite kind of contest is just such as you are holding. I like finding a blog contest and reading a new blog and then leaving a comment that may or may not win me something. It's all fun.

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