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Friday, May 05, 2006



Those ARE really great socks!


I'm glad that you like them! I must admit I have been haunting your blog all day (because the delivery confirmation said that they had arrived) to see if you liked them. Thank you!


Those are amazing socks--the coolest I've ever seen, I think! So she made the yarn--how in the world did she dye it so that it would be self patterning? Or is it intarsia? Amazing, really.


Hi there - It's fun to read about how much you love the socks. Yvonne helps me out a ton at my store (and teaches here), and I got to see those things developing. I assure you - there were oohs of envy every time a customer saw her working on them! :) I feel kinda like I participated in this whole thing just watching her go through the process! :) - Sarah


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